Lugano (* June 1989 Cologne) is a young, promising and talented DJ.

Since his childhood interested Cologne for music and was inspired by his uncle, who was also DJ.


For a long time, fascinated by electronic sounds, he admires the arts of mixing.


At the age of 18 he got in January 2008 the possibility every Friday and Saturday in the lounge bar hang 40/40.


This activity, he then went to before December 2008, until he had a heavy heart to decide to take a break due to its just-started training.


he was approached in December 2009 by an organizer who Lugano once admired in the lounge bar 40/40 By chance.


Now he had the opportunity along with Massimo Russo and Jens Lissat at The O at the party series Sexxes meets The O hang up. The old passion was kindled, Lugano did not hesitate long and finally had to his first club appearance.


Since that day, he works hard and with full power it play along the top. With its eletronischen music in the direction of House / Techno / Minimal he always manages to bring the atmosphere to a climax.


Equipped with his DJ equipment, he brings his skills even when, tinkered almost day and night on his sets, such as "Spring feeling" and "Hiroshima (FSK 18)".


Particularly noteworthy was here that Lugano adapts his music of the season to bring his audience in this way once again to a boil.


In addition to its debut at The O he could prove his skills also in Düsseldorf Monkeys Club.


The previous peak was followed on 08.05.2010, where it Lugano again been possible hang up in his hometown of Cologne. Crime was the Blumengold here. Until the early morning hours he sonicated the club with his electronic sounds.


Since his appearance in Blumengold, on 08/05/2010, the organizers are convinced of his talent and book him or her.